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FEYNLAB® CERAMIC SPRAY SEALANT is a durable, glossy, and ultra hydrophobic paint protection sealant. The easy to use wipe-on, wipe off formula leaves sufaces feeling super slick. CERAMIC SPRAY SEALANT’S "self cleaning" properties work to prevent contamination from resting, clinging, and building up on surfaces over time. Additionally, the hydrophobic water sheeting makes for quick and easy vehicle washing.

CERAMIC SPRAY SEALANT is an ideal product to top all ceramic nano coatings.

Product Benefits

  • A durable ceramic infused sealant, providing outstanding 6 month durability.
  • Use as stand-alone protection or as a topper for ceramic coated vehicles.
  • Safe for all vehicle exterior surfaces: paint, plastic, vinyl, rubber, etc.
  • May be applied as a drying aid for additional protection and quick application.

Durability & Application Surfaces

Durability – 6 months.


  • Clear-coated painted surfaces
  • Black textured plastics
  • Headlights & Tail-lights
  • Black piano trim
  • Clear-coated painted wheel rims & calipers



  • Place vehicle in a well lit, cool, & contamination free environment.
  • Thoroughly rinse vehicle of all loose dust, debris, and topical contamination.
  • Clean exterior surfaces using PURE WASH for traditional wash, or PURE RINSELESS for waterless or rinseless wash methods.

Application Instructions

  • Thoroughly shake the bottle before use.
  • Using a clean microfiber towel, apply CERAMIC SPRAY SEALANT to the towel. Prime the towel with 3-5 sprays.
  • For each section, the size of half a door or a quarter of a hood, apply 3-4 additional sprays to the towel.
  • Spread evenly over the surface. Amount of product should be enough to evenly coat the area without over saturation.
  • After applying, immediately, buff the area clear with a secondary clean microfiber towel.

* * Use as maintenance topper or drying aid: Wash surfaces thoroughly, remove the majority of water, and then apply.

Recommended Maximum Area of Application:

HALF of a door or 1/4 of a hood, then wipe off in same pattern as application.

Final Inspection

Carefully inspect all finished panels for leftover residue during the final wipe. Commonly edges, emblems, and other tight areas may contain some remaining residue.

Feynlab Ceramic Spray Sealant

  • 500ml bottle with sprayer

    Pleasant fragrance

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